Our Team:
The True Engine

We are a diverse team of creative minds, communication experts, and innovation enthusiasts. Our team consists of individuals with a deep understanding and experience in the field of communication for various European projects.

From the moment a proposal is conceived to the moment we celebrate achievements with our partners, we are present at every step of the way. Our expertise thrives on collaboration and adaptability, as each project brings its own unique opportunities and challenges. Communication in the European context requires cultural sensitivity, meticulous strategy, and the ability to reach diverse and dispersed audiences.

Mission, Vision, and Social Commitment

We are aware of the value of our technical knowledge and our commitment to excellence, and we are dedicated to merging our passion for communication with the vision of a more connected and innovative European future. Each member of our team brings their unique experience and enthusiasm, enabling us to design communication strategies that resonate with audiences across every corner of Europe.

In this team, it's not just about skills and expertise but also about relationships and collaboration. Our approach is built on forging strong connections with our clients and partners, and deeply understanding their needs and objectives. Our mission is clear: to make European project communication transparent and effective.

Join us on this journey of European communication. Get to know the team that tirelessly strives to take your projects beyond borders and to new heights of impact and success. Together, we will build communication bridges that transcend boundaries and connect visions!

Beyond Collaboration

This year, we have expanded our team with a journalist whose expertise in the fields of scientific, corporate, and audiovisual communication spans over 22 years.

Mila Martínez

We initiated a collaboration with Mila Martínez because we believe that our methodology, experience, and values align perfectly with hers. Adding her experience in the field of communication in health and biomedical research to our expertise in the digital world can only yield positive results.

Mila has been working in the audiovisual communication world since 1998, starting at Televisión Valenciana (TVV) where she was involved in news reporting and other programs. In 2008, she transitioned into the field of scientific communication. In September 2013, she became the Communication Manager at the Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Biomedical Research of the Valencian Community (Fisabio), and later the Director of its UCC+i. This immersed her in the communication of European projects, and that's where our connection began.

Mila manages her own projects with the support of our design and digital marketing team, and we rely on her experience to enhance our own projects. She combines her great passions – the audiovisual world, communication, writing, and theater – to design outreach and dissemination projects aimed at various audiences.

Connection and collaboration, a combination that always works.

We are looking for a partner in our consortium to carry out the communication and dissemination plan.

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