communication plan for european projects

Communication Plan
and diffusion for
European projects

The communication and dissemination of the results of a project is considered by the European Commission as one of the most important activities of the project and must start from the first phase of the project, developing throughout the period implementation of the project, since they include mechanisms that affect from the recruitment of beneficiaries at the beginning, to the dissemination of results in the final phase or even beyond it. Its importance is reflected in the fact that it is one of the mandatory task groups in all Programs and the forms always include a section for its description.

It is the consortium itself that defines the communication plan, but always bearing in mind that each partner must be involved in the communication process, to a greater or lesser degree depending on their participation.

In the Communication and Dissemination Plan we will have to consider various elements:

Together with the external one, it will be necessary to consider the internal communication of the project, so in the internal communication documents it is important to also respect the visual identity of the project and the Program.

  • Objectives
  • Groups we target
  • Activities to develop
  • Communication tools
  • Budget
  • Calendar
  • Evaluation

What are we going to find in a Communication and Dissemination Plan for a European project?

  • Visual identity creation
  • A website that is alive and that allows you to feed on the results and news of the project. That contains the official logos and gives visibility to the partners of the consortium. That shows the objectives of the project and clearly specifies to which Program it belongs.
  • Opening of social networks and definition of a social media plan
  • Support poster or flyer designs
  • Calendar of activities and events for the dissemination of the project
  • Definition of communications by email, newsletter
  • Press release management
  • Editorial calendar by phases
  • Monitoring deliverables, definition of KPIs
  • Final report

We are looking for a partner in our consortium to carry out the communication and dissemination plan.

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