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The communication and dissemination of the results of a project is considered by the European Commission as one of the most important activities of the project and must start from the first phase of the project. Our team offers you the possibility of working from the first moment, planning communication milestones and delivering the corresponding periodic communication reports.

The communication and dissemination plans of European projects comprise a series of actions marked by the European framework that must be carried out efficiently, with planning and knowledge to get the most out of it .

Communication and dissemination of projects framed in Horizon 2020

IrudiEU is a communication and dissemination agency specialized in R&D&I environments, development of communication strategies, design and development of websites and all those communication channels necessary to comply with the objectives of communication and diffusion of the projects. Now we need to plan which of their projects could get public funding! With Horizon Europe, there is more budget for research and innovation than ever, but the competition is also tougher than ever. The Commission requires the dissemination of the results of all those projects included in the Plan with the aim of making citizens aware of what public funds are invested in. And here we come in, IrudiEU as a communication and dissemination agency, in collaboration with the R+D+i of the centers and companies that finance their projects framed in Horizon 2020.

Within each project, it is required that a part of the project includes a specific section (and item) to define and develop communication and dissemination tasks where the objectives and results that are developed throughout the project are made known. project life.

The European Commission from the Horizon 2020 Program laid the foundations from which the communication, dissemination and exploitation of results took on an importance never seen before, within European projects. Until then, the communication and dissemination plans had not had much importance and were treated lightly. It is from this moment on that project partners are required to include a complete plan to communicate everything that is being done and achieve greater visibility within the different target audiences.

One of the important points of the communication and dissemination will be the impact reports that the project has had, that is why our team will make available to the partners reports of KPIs prefixed in the plan of communication, and that can be consulted online through Google Data Studio at any time, to monitor actions.

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How do we make a Communication and Dissemination Plan for European projects?

A good Plan for Communication and dissemination of European projects involves defining a strategy that includes the following points:
  • Project description.
  • Mission, vision and values ​​of the Project.
  • Set communication goals.
  • Set the different target audiences that we address.
  • Set the responsible bodies and the project communication management structure.
  • Create the corporate image that the project will have.
  • Establish the messages and claims that we are going to communicate.
  • Select the communication channels that we are going to use to spread the project: web, social networks, newsletters, press releases, merchandising, posters, advertising campaigns...
  • Follow-up and follow-up of the project on the network.
  • Definition of KPIs for the creation of results reports. Periodic deliverables of results.

Communication and dissemination through social networks in European projects

Bearing in mind that the way of communicating has evolved a great deal in recent years, it is impossible not to think about social networks when we are drafting the communication and dissemination plan for a European project. Writing a social media plan to create the appropriate dissemination strategy is essential. We have to think about how we are going to reach the different target audiences, not only the technical target, but we also have to think about the different sectors, including the general public. For this reason, we always recommend at least opening Linkeding, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter profiles. Depending on the field in which we have to work, other vertical networks will be considered that give us visibility in our sectoral field.

Are you looking for a senior team to design the communication and dissemination plan for your consortium?

It is important to look for an experienced partner for your project who is qualified to meet the objectives set by the European Commission. IrudiEU is part of a communication and marketing group, Irudigital, which also has an Irudilab Digital Marketing School, a branch specialized in Industrial Marketing, Irudi 4.0 and a marketing leg focused on electronic commerce, Irudicommerce.

Whether you are looking for a partner for your consortium to design, execute and direct the communication and dissemination of your project, or if you are looking for a communication service provider, you can count on with our team made up of two strategy managers, two graphic and web designers, two web developers, two community managers and a user experience expert. A team that combines youth with the experience that any innovative project needs to achieve the greatest possible impact in communication.

We are looking for a partner in our consortium to carry out the communication and dissemination plan.

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